No escape for my friends (remixs#1)

by Hu Creix

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released September 11, 2012




Hu Creix

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Music is in my life since long long time ...
I use to play in a street for an eternity.
I'm playing sax ,keyboard and little stuffs .
I blend my soul with my few skills ..
It's not a straight style that i can define...It's music..
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Track Name: Hu Creix_No escape( mysterious mix) remixed by Lerouge 2012
In this world, you have no escape

No escape for you and your family

You won't find any escape

'cause they don't want you have it.

But do not panic

Do not panic!!

We can help you...

Help you to find an other way

To escape!

An other way to escaaaape!!!

The captain,

The captain Creix and me

we can guide you to this other way,

Throught our sounds,

Our world is near you!

Come on!

Follow us on the tides of our music,

It hold you to escape

Your only chance to escape!!

No escape in this world,

But, do not panic

Captain Creix and me are here to help you

To escape!

to escape!!!

Follow us on the tides of our music

and you will escape,

With no return

no return!!

Never return!!!

But, remember...

You'll never find any escape in this world...